SEIUN PROXの一部仕様変更へ。バッテリー容量増大など

Seiun Player

そろそろプロジェクトも大詰めを迎えている(そうであって欲しい)SEIUN PROXですが、幾つかの変更点が先日発表されました。

Seiun Players: Hi-Res Audio meets 4K Video
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1) Heating performance on CPU.
Due to the previous PCB design is too small to display Hi-Res music and 4K2K HQ files. In order to improve the performance, we found that to enlarge the size and rearrange the layout will be a good solution. The change will make the heating performance much better compared to the previous design.

The previous PCB board is half side -> change to full size.



2) The battery size has been changed because of extra space. The extra battery space improves the space layout within the device, therefore, the inside space can accommodate more for more effective features.



The team has tested and confirmed, the battery size changes from 3000mAh to 3900mAh. The player, which can play more than15 hours (the performance is still improving) with ESS9018Q2C 384K DAC (screen saving mode).

3000mAhから3900mAhのバッテリーに変更。15時間以上の再生が可能に。昨今のハイレゾDAPは10時間程度の再生時間のものが多いので、15時間となるとなかなか優秀です。 ちなみに、ES9018Q2CとはES9018K2Mのアンプ付きのものらしいですね。

Q/A tests:  The RD team has completed about 99% Q/A tests. The team is really confident that Pro x beta version is almost ready to ship out to our volunteers.


We will provide a live demo video next week to show more real performance to backers. Hope you can review the performance. We also will start to deliver beta devices in late May. Backers who are winners can expect to test them soon.


個人的な話ですが、残念ながらSEIUN PROXのベータテスターは外れてしまいました。ホント残念。