CyberDrive、SEIUN PHAについての最新情報を公開。ベータテスター募集も

CyberDrive、SEIUN PHAについての最新情報を公開。ベータテスター募集も



SEIUN PHAことPX-1ですが、本日4/27に最新の詳細情報が公開されました。

The ES9018S*1 is the finalized spec on PHA:
The team has been working on the 2 different specs, (ES9018S & ES9018K2M) and found out the different results on these 2 specs. Compared to both specs and the performance between ES9018S and ES9018K2M, and the ES9018S has better performance & quality that we are truly looking for. Previously, ES9018K2M was the advice from ESS agent, and they concerned that portable device power consumption to compromise the performance. However, after many testing and performance evaluations, we decide to stick with ES9018S for final PHA specs to present the best performance to our backers.

昨日の記事でもお伝えした通り、SEIUN PHAのDACチップは再度変更され、ES9018K2Mのデュアル構成ではなく、ES9018Sのシングル構成で開発を続行するとのこと。


Better Performance & Solution for power consumption:
The performance of ES9018S is better, but the power consumption may not be as good as ES9018K2M. To solve the solution for the issue, the PHA will contain more powerful battery to keep long period of work. Therefore, the power consumption will not be an issue to be worried about on the switch.


10 Testing volunteers:
To delivery good quality products is one of our promises to backers. We understand that we need to focus on the trail beta testing before we do mass delivery to everyone. For this reason, the team now seeks for 10 PHA testing volunteers, and will only be available for backers who purchased PHA. The registration starts now and will end to 5/10/16. Please send your purchase email used on Indiegogo to our [email protected] and we will pick up 10 backers to be our first PHA tester to try our free samples. The delivery schedule of PHA testing samples will be setup on the end of May or early June.

SEIUN PHAに関しても10名のベータテスターを募集するとのこと。希望者は今日から5\10までにCyberDriveへ連絡を。テスト用試作機の発送は5月後半から6月前半を予定。SEIUN PHAの完成品が出資者の手元に届くのは早くて夏頃になりそうですね。折角ES9018Sを使用するのですし、ゆっくり時間を掛けてチューニングしてもらえれば、と思います。